Baby Ruby


Ruby is a gorgeous baby doll made from a perfect combination of natural rubber and soft fabric. Her soft body is made from fabric so she is lovely to hug, and her bottom is weighted which helps her to sit well and feels nice when she is carried and cuddled. Her head is made from natural rubber (natural rubber is obtained from trees, is biodegradable, durable and 100% eco-friendly) and she has sweet delicate features.The combination of different materials makes her very tactile and encourages sensory exploration. Baby Ruby is wearing a soft layered white dress with pink flowers lining the edge, a white head band and little white booties (all which can be removed for washing or changing).

Ruby is made in Sri Lanka by Imajo a fair trade company. Ruby is in a small range of natural rubber headed dolls, part of the Bonikka family. Ruby has a unique design, combining natural, quality materials and commitment to the environment. All Imajo toys are ethically sourced and use sustainable production.

Gorgeous Baby Ruby is approximately 23 cm long

Suitable for all ages

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