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So, what is a Waldorf doll? October 14, 2017 21:31

Waldorf dolls evolved from the principles of Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner. In the early 20th Century he introduced his system of education (via Waldorf Steiner schools) which focused on stimulating and enriching a child's creative imagination. The Steiner ethos is to provide an “unhurried and creative learning environment where children can find the joy in learning and experience the richness of childhood”*

Waldorf dolls, with their simple and neutral features, are designed to encourage a child to imagine the dolls personality and feelings, and to easily reproduce the child’s own mood and expressions. These beautiful dolls are typically hand-crafted using only pure and natural products, such as fine wool, cotton and silk and sometimes even wood. When made of fabric, they are often stuffed with pure sheep’s wool which make them soft to touch, and warm to hold. The body and limbs are flexible and accommodating.

A true Waldorf doll is still made by hand which gives them all a charming individuality and uniqueness. They are instantly recognisable by their very simple features - sometimes having no features at all.

Waldorf dolls can last for many many years, and can even be passed down through generations. Their distinctiveness and personality being enhanced the more they are lovingly played with.

It is the manner in which a child acts with a toy, that makes it complex and alive in the child’s eyes. But when the toy imposes its complexity on the child, it cripples the child’s creative fantasy - French psychologist Régine Démarthes 

*Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship

Summer starts here... May 10, 2017 22:27

Amy’s Attic is Brighton based and summer starts here with the Festival, a glorious three weeks of events cultural, literary and musical, and being Brighton fantastically fun and far out Fringe events.  We particularly love the Artists’ Open Houses every weekend perfect for a leisurely stroll round town and enjoying delicious homemade cakes at many of the venues (the art is breath-taking too!)  If your little chef fancies playing at picnics why not treat them to one of the Le Chef baking kits

Happy Easter April 12, 2017 16:32

Happy Easter from us all at Amy's Attic and may the Easter bunny bring lots of lovely choccie eggs. Check out our Easter Gifts section to meet our cuddly bunny rabbits Petra, Belle and Little Ms No Name if you are looking for an extra special Easter present.

Spring is in the air.... March 4, 2017 13:02

If February showers bring forth flowers, now is the time to get gardening for a glorious spring and summer display!  See our practical and sturdy gardening kits for kids, all brightly and encouragingly coloured.  Everything for small gardeners to help bigger ones to get going and growing inside and out.  The Children’s Planting Kit even includes pots, seeds (4 sorts) and peat for fun play indoors when it’s too wet outside.  See all our gardening and growing kits at

Rosy the pin up piglet February 23, 2017 21:04

Meet Rosy our pin up piglet, quite the disco queen in her red polka dot dress (removable and washable!). Rosy stands 43cms tall perfect for toddlers and bigger to cuddle. This sassy girl is handmade from organic cotton and stuffed with organic pure wool. Part of our Nanchen range, Rosy is one of our favourite toys here at Amy’s Attic

You can never have too many pancakes! February 15, 2017 22:47

Pancakes! Time to dust off the recipes (here at Amy’s Attic we are big fans of Delia), but when it comes to the tricky question of how to fill them, we have our differences. Savoury (Amy), Lemon and sugar traditional style (Sarah), drizzled with chocolate (we won’t say who!) ... what’s yours? Kids can join in the fun with our Pancake Making Kit for little chefs. Special offers on cooking kits till Pancake Tuesday at

First birthday promotion February 2, 2017 20:37

Amy’s Attic is coming up to its first birthday and we are celebrating with a series of promotions. This week check out our Pop Up Sale on Wooden Toys. Special Offer prices on limited lines whilst stocks last. Click on the tab Pop Up Sale to see more....

Not long to go until Christmas .... November 15, 2016 21:16

Ahoy me hearties..... September 20, 2016 22:17

Ahoy me hearties ... all aboard the Jolly Rose and Roger!  It is time to sail the seven seas for a Pirate Adventure.  Our Pirate Dress Up Kit, neatly stowed in its very own little pirate suitcase, has all the necessities for any self respecting pirate (eye patch, hook, sack of gold and more, beautifully made in wood and fabric).  Remember P&P is free and 10% discount with code toys1. This kit and others available at 

Snuggly butterfly August 20, 2016 13:27

A Butterfly for Baby makes the perfect present for a summer newborn.  This snuggly little baby toy is part of our organic Nanchen range all lovingly made by a specialist toy supplier.  Little Butterfly is made of soft terry fabric and comes in its own stripey pouch.  Sweet dreams little one

Gorgeous Greg August 17, 2016 22:38

Take a bow please gorgeous Greg ... toys for little boys can be a puzzle to find but we may have just what you are looking for ... Handsome Greg is a traditional style soft ragdoll (handmade in Sri Lanka by a Fair Trade company). His smart black suit is removable and washable, and as he is a bit of a dandy, there are some additional clothes sets too available to purchase from Amy's Attic. 

Little Miss Cuddly Rabbit.... July 20, 2016 21:43

Little E for Elephant with Enormous Ears would like to introduce a best friend little Miss Cuddly Rabbit (both are made in Sri Lanka by a fair trade company and can be bought at Miss Cuddly Bunny Rabbit has a very Long name and very Long ears Lined in pale pink gingham. Do you know someone who would love a(nother!) cute cuddly?